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Use modern progressive technologies of browser extensions to take notes

What is WeblyNote

WeblyNote is an innovative browser extension and a new kind of notebook.

WeblyNote is one of the most useful inventions in all of web history. For the first time ever, anyone can take or retrieve any time notes from their account, anywhere on the web, comfortable and without difficult steps. It’s the dawn of a better solution to take notes.

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Our Features

WeblyNote is the simplest way to take notes at very functional way.


Taking advantage of the technology of browser extensions, WeblyNote can be used in any OS you want, because all Operating Systems have a browser!

Safe & Secure

WeblyNote exploits synchronization via Google Account, it also encrypts and saves notes and datas in the database and no one except your account can decrypt them. Nothing is more secure!


WeblyNote has been designed so that its use is simple and immediate, without unnecessary cumbersome steps. It also has its own note-manager which allows you to manage and search for all saved notes.

More Features

WeblyNote has a lot of features! In addition to being able to create post-it on any website, it allows you to underline the paragraphs that interest you most and to write down the information that is useful to you..


This extension does not save the notes on your local computer, but saves them in our database always operational and available, so as to guarantee backup of your notes and the availability of the same notes on any device you have WeblyNote.

Fast & Light

Designed to be installed in any device, from the oldest to the most performing computers! Lightweight because it doesn't slow down, you don't even notice you've installed it.

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Start taking notes with WeblyNote. It’s fast, easy, and functional!


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Simply log in using your Google account, we avoid additional cumbersome usernames and passwords!


Take Your Notes

On any page you are you can create all the notes you want, without limits!


World-wide accessible

Collect your notes around the web.

Why paid?

Our Plans

We have thought of these two plans, we want to give you the opportunity to try it without obligation


$0 / yr

300 Actions subdivided to:
  • Notes
  • Underlines
  • Thumbtacks

Monthly Premium

$0.59 / mo

Unlimited Actions!
  • Take Notes
  • Make Underlines
  • Insert Thumbtacks

Annual Premium

$4.99 / yr

Unlimited Actions!
  • Take Notes
  • Make Underlines
  • Insert Thumbtacks